Our Story

Our farm is the brainchild of Charles & Lynn Blankenship. We decided to return to farming after a 30 year hiatus in 2013.  Charles had been involved in those years as the founder and developer of several technology based companies and Lynn worked as a nurse and soccer coach. A love of the outdoors and the beauty of nature had led us to move to Monteagle, Tennessee in 2009,. The desire to raise our own food as well as the desire to be able to enjoy the outdoor life we loved led us to the farm. Eternal students and lifelong learners, we are committed to working in stewardship with this land we have been blessed by God to inhabit. We also hope the farm is a place of retreat for our 3 children, two grandchildren and all those who need it.

Our youngest daughter Christia and her husband Richard Crook made the trip to the farm with us. They had been working in Chicago but were ready to forego city life. They helped get the initial infrastructure of the farm established and then began their own operation, Pig Mountain, where they raise delicious pastured pork. Christia was also the inspiration for our apiary and is the head beekeeper.