Grass-fed Mission

It is our goal on our farm that our animals can be raised in the environment that is the most humane and sustainable for them. To this end we have studied and are working to apply measures that contribute to improving the land. We are committed to raising animals who can thrive in an environment that is the most natural for their species. For our cattle and sheep, this involves following the guidelines of the American Grassfed Association that include the following of the four major components:

Diet — Animals are fed only grass and forage from weaning until harvest.
Confinement — Animals are raised on pasture without confinement to feedlots.
Antibiotics and hormones — Animals are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones.
Origin — All animals are born and raised on American family farms.

Our herd health program does sometimes require that we treat animal illness with antibiotics and we do supplement any bottle raised lambs with non-GMO grains, but we studiously keep records and identify any of these animals at the sale of their product.

We employ daily pasture rotation with our animals to allow for the natural fertilization of the pastures and to encourage the animals to eat a wide variety of forages. This also helps to break parasite cycles in the pastures. .

Our poultry and pigs are raised directly on green pasture. This allows the animals to receive a significant amount of pasture forage as feed. The animals are rotated and kept on fresh pasture, which allows them to be raised in a cleaner, healthier environment. We supplement their greens with non-GMO grain based feeds.

The pastures are monitored for health and reseeded to increase diversity of forage.