The Guardians

On our farm, everyone has multiple jobs. Our dogs are no exception to that rule. We currently have two livestock guardian dogs (LGD) and three house dogs.

Assisi (CeeCee) is a Great Pyrenees and her job is the monitoring and protection of the whole farm. She is the reason that we don't have to fence our garden or apiary as she patrols continuously. She also functions as our search and rescue dog for any missing or escaping animals.

Claire is a Great Pyrenees/Akbash/Komondor/Anatolian Shepherd cross (all LGD's). She works and lives fulltime with our sheep herd.

Jericho (Ricco) is a Jack Russell Terrorist and loves nothing more than patrolling for coyotes, groundhogs, voles and moles and snakes. He also is Charles' faithful companion at chore time.

Stompy was the old lady of the bunch. She is now our celestial guardian. Molly & JoJo Monkey are our little teacup Yorkshires who keep everyone notified of everything!